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Castle Creative Services thinks that technology should serve you, and not vice versa -- at your office and at your home.  Look to this page to see some of our specific offerings that make your home life more enjoyable, and your office more productive and profitable.

Services for Business

We've been bringing advanced technology to businesses since the days when personal computers were still toys for hobbyists.  We also have a unique perspective (at least among the byte-head set) that business needs drive technology, and that every computer solution must justify itself in terms of Return On Investment.  Click on the link to see what Castle Creative Services can do for you.

Services for Homes

Shouldn't your home be a castle?  We offer consulting and comprehensive services to homeowners looking to install a home network, expand entertainment options, create a "smart house", or maybe just a smarter telephone system.  Whatever you choose, the end result will be reliable, easy to use, and have a "wow factor!"  Just click on the link above.

Speaking Opportunities

Technology can be mystifying and fascinating.  Our professionals' experience with cutting edge technology and the demands of business has left us with tales to tell.  If your group or organization is looking for a dynamic and engaging guest speaker, contact us (click on the "Speaking Opportunities" link for the company contact page).  We have given presentations on the following topics:

  • A Brief History of the Internet
  • Building the Perfect PC -- a "How To" Seminar
  • Customer Service -- The Difficult Customer is Your Best Ally
  • Digital Music, and Tales from the Dark Side
  • Internet Commerce
  • Protecting Yourself On-Line (Phising and Malware and Spam, Oh My!)
  • Queuing Theory and Equity Concepts in Improving Customer Service
  • Smart Homes

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